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natalie, 22 years old.
tattoo apprentice @ skins and needles
half british, half latina.
you will fall out of love with me.

> dead walking.


Head Itch by ~Canislupuscorax


 made a tiny comic to remind myself that it’s possible to pick myself up when I’m down and I just gotta keep trying. 


- I’m just horny as fuuuck
- depressed as shit
- and feeling some type of way, I don’t like it.

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 “I was onstage with Led Zeppelin at Kezar Stadium, and there were some white doves in cages that were to be released at the end of ‘Stairway.’ When the signal was given to release them, out they went …but one circled for a moment and flew right into Robert’s hands. Robert was the prince of peace, the golden god, and this photo would look ridiculous with anybody else holding the bird. Any other male, that is.” - James Fortune (Photographer)